Conversation Three

Conversation Three

Strengths-based Partnerships in Your Home

As promised, Conversation Three is where we dive into the couples aspect of the Your Unique Marriage Workshop. Starting with this third conversation, we explore the collaborations that make your marriage one of a kind.

So often in our relationships, conflict is the result of differing, misunderstood perspectives. The time we spend looking closer at our personal filters in Conversation Two opens the door to seeing the value of other perspectives as they interact with ours. This sets us up for success when we encounter a different perspective and want to recognize its value.

In Conversation Three we'll take that approach from concept to action. You will have the opportunity to uncover all that your marriage can be as the best of both you and your spouse literally create a 1+1=3 outcome!

Strengths are inherently about performance. They tell us how we do best. And the more people we have doing their best together, the more addition becomes multiplication.

That's exactly the result we are after, making your marriage about two people at their best together. Conversation Three will cause you to see your spouse in a new light. That's not to say you saw them in a negative light before, but by focusing on what makes them innately who they are you will understand their motivations and abilities at a deeper level than ever before.

Struggling relationships bring the forgotten, overlooked good to the forefront to move forward with strength and confidence. Good relationships gain a nuanced understanding that makes cooperation faster, easier, and more productive. Every relationship is on the track to greatness.

Strengths-based partnerships are not about giving in to keep both parties happy. That would require us to bring less than our best. Instead, you will learn how to bring the best both people have to offer to create an outcome unattainable alone.

Conversation Three is where the possibilities begin to unfold!

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