Team Development

Team coaching conversations are designed to improve partnerships and teamwork by providing everyone a deeper understanding of what each person brings to the table. Patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior from teammates move from confusing or frustrating to remarkable and benficial.

Team conversations consist of group exercises and discussion that put who we each are out in the open. We get to speak for ourselves and paint a picture of our talents in a positive light. There is also opportunity for other team members to point out the productive use of talents they see in us that make us a valuable partner to them. The goal is that by understanding what motivates each person on the team, we find the most productive ways to combine our talents to cover each other's gaps. That's a well-rounded team, everyone doing what they naturally do best every day.

As we go deeper with the whole team, we then explore your current team and organizational challenges and look at the tools you have available as a team, helping to match needs with real talents. This helps to move beyond just job titles and duties to utilizing available strengths of the whole team.

From top to bottom, every person in your organization has talents that can benefit the team. 

Aptitude Strengths Coaching will change the culture around you by teaching your team to develop their talents into strength, all the while becoming more productive and engaged in the work they do.