Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on understanding and developing your talents. A coaching conversation is about an hour, can be in person or by phone, and consists of questions designed to do the following:

  • explore how you are currently using your talents,
  • understand the nuances of your talent themes that are unique to you,
  • learn how talent themes can be used together for increased impact (talent dynamics), 
  • develop your talents into true strengths by adding intentional skills, knowledge, and experience,
  • and unlock ways to bring your strengths into every situation you encounter to ensure your best performance.

Since our talents are patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior we've used our entire lives, coaching is a tool to aid in making the automatic become intentional. In other words, we move from raw use of our talents that just happen to purposeful use of mature, developed strengths that produce near-perfect, repeatable performance.

Typically I schedule individual coaching in three-conversation packages. This allows the process the time needed to make good progress toward strengths development. Occasionally I will use a single individual coaching as a lead in to a team conversation so that each person has a better understanding of their own talent themes before we all meet together.