Aptitude (n):

     a natural ability :  TALENT 1

JOSHUA WEITZMAN | Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

I started Aptitude Strengths Coaching to help individuals and teams operate out of strengths instead of weaknesses. My desire is to see you develop and release your greatest resource -- your natural talents developed into strengths!

As a licensed pastor and non-profit board member, as well as having worked on the staff of both churches and non-profit organizations for close to twenty years, I know firsthand the struggle to implement needed change without the right people in the right roles. We often allow availability to act as a substitute for ability. In an effort to get things done, we watch staff and volunteers become discouraged as they are unintentionally set up to fail.

Developing my talents into strengths has allowed me to use strengths to navigate every area of my life; I know firsthand it works! When I coach and teach I draw upon my ability to relate at a personal level. I take the complexity out of the principles of strengths-based living, making it simple to understand and apply. We will take a clear path to the best outcomes for your most trying situations. You will become the best versions of yourself as you see your talents at work and learn how to harness your past experiences and knowledge to turn your patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior into intentional, near-perfect performance.

In short, coaching others to develop their strengths is my strengths in action.

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